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Page Background Prodhysoft ® ABK Allanblackia butter Personal Care Asia November 2014 French raw materials company Laboratoires PROD’HYG introduces PRODHYSOFT ® ABK, commonly known as allanblackia butter. This natural non-hydrogenated vegetable butter is extracted from the heart of this African rainforest fruit. PRODHYSOFT ® $%. EULQJV WR IRUPXODV D GU\ WRXFK VNLQ IHHO DQG D VLON\ PDWWH ¿QLVK 7KDQNV WR LWV VSHFL¿F FRPSRVLWLRQ LQ WULJO\FHULGHV WKLV $IULFDQ EXWWHU UHVLVWV YHU\ ZHOO to oxidation. Rich in oleic and stearic acids, PRODHYSOFT ® ABK possesses superior emollient properties. B yond Beauty F bruary 2015